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Facsimile - An exact and precise copy.

False Personation - Assuming, without authority, the identity of another person for fraudulent purposes.

Fee - An estate of inheritance in real property.

Fee Simple - Absolute ownership; a fee without limitation.

Fee Simple Absolute - The largest recognized estate in land; a title without limitation or end.

Fee Simple Defeasible - A fee simple estate subject to being defeated, annulled, or revoked.

Feme Sole - An unmarried woman.

Feme Covert - A married woman.

Fictitious - False, feigned, pretended.

Fictitious Deed of Trust - A recorded deed of trust containing general terms and provisions but naming no parties and describing no property; it is used for reference only.

Fictitious Name - A name adopted for business purposes other than the true name of owner.

Fiduciary - One who holds a position of trust and confidence requiring scrupulous good faith and candor. For example, a trustee of a trust is a fiduciary.

Final Decree - A judicial decision finally disposing of a matter or cause.

Financing Statement - A personal property security instrument replacing a chattel mortgage upon adoption of Uniform Commercial Code.

Fissionable Material - Material capable of division into parts.

Fixture - Property originally personal in character but intended to be a part of the real property to which affixed.

Foreclosure - Enforcement of a lien by sale of property given as security.

Foreclosure Sale - The sale of property given as security to secure performance of an obligation.

Forfeiture - The loss of a right, title, or interest in property as consequence of a default under an obligation.

Franchise - A special privilege conferred by government or, a contractual right to engage in a business under trade name owned by another.

Freehold - An estate in land of uncertain duration. For example, a fee simple absolute or a life estate.

Future Advance Clause - Provision for lender's future disbursements to be also secured by a security instrument previously executed.

Future Interest - An estate in real property entitling owner to possession and enjoyment on a future date. For example, a remainder is a future interest.

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