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Habendum Clause - The provision in a deed, usually following the description, reciting: "to have and to hold, etc."

Habendum and Tenendum - To have and to hold.

Hand - A lineal measure of four inches.

Heir - A person entitled by law to inherit property of a decedent.

Hereditaments - Anything capable of being inherited.

Holding Agreement - A form of a trust where trustee holds legal title to real property with no active duty of management or control.

Holographic Will - A will entirely written, dated, and signed by the testator in his or her own handwriting.

Homestead - The dwelling in which an owner or head of a family resides protected to a limited extent from forced sale by a recorded declaration of homestead.

Hypothecate - To pledge without delivery of title or possession. (Principally an admiralty term that has found its way into real property finance).

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